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June 6th 2013 - Sensoreal is recipient of Grand challenge Canada grant for its Low Cost Microchip for Early Diagnosis of Elephantiasis

November 7th 2012 - Sensoreal won the 2012 medtec challenges for his business proposal titles ” Low cost microchip for Point of care high sensitive assay”.




August 11th 2016 - Autonomous microfluidic capillaric circuits replicated from 3D-printed molds - Journal of Lab on a Chip/Royal Society of Chemistry 

March 1st 2014 - Serpentine and leading-edge capillary pumps for microfluidic capillary systems - Journal of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics/Springer Berlin Heidelberg

July 31st 2013 - Capillarics: pre-programmed, self-powered microfluidic circuits built from capillary elements - Journal of Lab on a Chip/Royal Society of Chemistry