Sensoreal delivers reliable, quantitative lab-quality precision information through its rapid diagnostic tests. Our solution helps you make decisions fast and cost-effectively.

Our solution is cutting edge technology recognized for its:

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility  
  • Sensitivity
  • Affordability

Our Product

Our product is a rapid quantitative biosensor that can measure the concentration of disease biomarkers in human blood. Sensoreal microchips use state of the art fluorescent detection methods. It only requires 15 ul of whole blood sample (i.e. 5 ul of filtered Plasma), and provides results in 10-15 minutes. The serpentine incubation pumps enable accurate metering of the incubated sample and provides accurate incubation timing of the assay. Large 1 mm x 2 mm reaction chambers allow for the integration of portable fluorescent readers into the system. Sensoreal biomarker microchips also have the potential to be used along portable and affordable analyzers in the near future.

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Self Contained Liquid Handling Module


Customized Optical Analyzer for Sensoreal